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Travel Insurance !
Travel Insurance in India
Travel Insurance is becoming increasingly popular in India with more people being bitten by the travel bug. Whether you are a holidayer, business traveler or student, it is crucial to plan for a policy while making arrangements for your travel.

Travel Insurances provides cover for various financial difficulties that you could encounter while traveling abroad. These include unforeseen medical problems, either due to an illness or accident, robbery, theft and loss of baggage and passport. You can avoid spending precious foreign exchange while traveling if you have taken Travel Insurance.

A big advantage in an Overseas Travel Insurance policy is the cashless transaction facility.

The insurance company would directly settle the bill with the service provider, like the hospital. You can expect a completely hassle-free experience, during an otherwise emotionally traumatic time in an alien land.
How does Travel Insurance work?
When you buy Travel Insurance in India for your overseas tour, the insurance company gives an assurance to cover for several unforeseen, financial difficulties that you may face there. The cover comes into effect the day you begin your journey (starting with the journey you make from home to board your flight), or the day specified in the policy schedule, or the contracted departure date mentioned in the policy, whichever is later. The premium you pay for the policy depends on several factors, like your age, the country you are visiting or how long the trip is for.
Travel Insurance through Axis Insurance
Travel Insurance has become extremely important in today's times. It takes a big burden off your head when you are traveling. But choosing what suits you the best could be stressful and confusing. At Axis Insurance, you will find all the policies on offer. Our insurance calculator will help you make the right choice. You will get answers for all your queries at the link of a button.