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Shop Insurance !
Shop Insurance in India
With an increasing crime rate in Indian cities, it has become important to protect your shop and yourself with a Shop Insurance policy.

You can concentrate on your business as the insurance company takes care of losses other than in business.

A Shop Insurance or Shopkeeper's Insurance policy will compensate you for losses that you incur in your shop.

These policies provide coverage against natural calamities, like flood, earthquake, etc. and manmade disasters like burglary, riot, cheque forgery, loss or theft of cash in transit, etc.
How does Shop Insurance work
Once you buy a Shop Insurance policy, the insurer agrees to cover you for losses incurred in natural and manmade calamities. The sum insured depends on the value of your shop and the value of the contents of the shop. The value of the shop is calculated on the basis of the estimated cost of rebuilding it completely. The contents of the shop are assessed according to their value at the time of purchasing the Shop Insurance policy. The valuation would also include electrical and mechanical appliances in the shop.
Shop Insurance through Axis Insurance
Axis Insurance gives you access to vital information and cautions you against exclusions in the policy schedule. With Axis Insurance, you can make an informed choice. RootDroid.