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Personal Accident !
Personal Accident Insurance in India
Personal Accident Insurance entitles an individual to compensation when an accident causes bodily injuries resulting in death or permanent or temporary disablement. The accident has to be caused by an external source, is violent and the injuries are clearly visible.

The source could be a vehicle, an animal or even a fall from the stairs. The types of disability covered in a Personal Accident Insurance vary from policy to policy. Some insurance companies offer the additional benefit of reimbursement for medical expenses incurred after a personal accident. This is available on payment of additional premium.

The single most important benefit of a Personal Accident Insurance is that it relieves the family of a huge, sudden financial burden at a time when it is faced with an emotional trauma.
How does Personal Accident Insurance work?
When you buy a Personal Accident Insurance policy, you agree to pay a premium arrived at by the insurance company. The insurer would pay you in the event of an external accident that causes bodily, visible injuries. The accident could be in India or outside. The sum insured is calculated on the basis of several factors, like the age of the insured, period of insurance, income, type of occupation, conditions of the place where the proposal is made, etc. Personal Accident Insurance is applicable to a wide age group (e.g., 5-70 years). With extra premium, it could extend even beyond. It is advisable to buy a Personal Accident Insurance policy that extends to the entire family. Unlike most insurance plans, Personal Accident Insurance is for the short term, maximum for a year.
Personal Accident Insurance through Axis Insurance
Modern-day life is fraught with many dangers, most of which hits us when we least expect it. An accident can take occur when we are driving to work, on holiday or even at home. But when you decide to buy a Personal Accident Insurance cover, the variety on offer and the riders and conditions attached to each policy can leave you confused. To help you make the right choice and simplify the complexities involved, you need a reliable, third party agency. Axis Insurance does just that - de-mystify, explain and help select.