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Life Insurance !
Life Insurance in India
Life Insurance is the most popular form of insurance cover in India. Life Insurance provides you and your family reliable and timely financial cover at the time of the untimely death of an earning member of the family. Life Insurance is not about planning for your death. It is about planning for today's peace of mind and tomorrow's security.

The primary benefit of Life Insurance is to protect the family from a financial crisis if an earning member passes away. In India, a Life Insurance policy forms a vital part of an individual's financial planning and savings portfolio. It offers sound, assured returns to the insured person. The annual premium paid for a Life Insurance policy offers tax benefits.
How does Life Insurance work?
When someone buys a Life Insurance policy, the insurer gives an assurance to pay a stipulated amount if the insured dies during the course of the policy. On the other hand, the insured individual (or individuals) agrees to pay a fixed sum of money at regular intervals. These payments, called Insurance Premium, can be paid at pre-decided intervals, like every six months or a year. The insurer also pays out a lump sum every few years called the Survival Benefit. If the insured person dies during the policy period, the insurer pays the insured amount to a beneficiary (or beneficiaries) identified by the insured, called the Nominee.
Life Insurance through Axis Insurance
The boom in the Life Insurance market in India has brought in a huge variety of choices, both of companies who offer Life Insurance and the type of policies. To crack the great insurance riddle, Axis Insurance has come up with a unique formula. By filling in some basic data about yourself, the Axis Insurance calculator will throw up a policy that suits you perfectly. At Axis Insurance, you get to choose from a wide platter. The best part is that we pick the right Life Insurance policy for you at the click of a button.