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Health Insurance !
Health Insurance in India
Health Insurance is becoming extremely critical today in India where medical expenses are sky-rocketing. A Health Insurance policy entitles an individual to financial cover for medical expenses that he/she incurs during the course of the policy. A policy could also cover other family members. Medical expenses that are covered by a Health Insurance plan are of three types - hospitalization, illness or accident.

The expenses could be for hospital room charge, doctor fees, medical investigations, medicines procured during hospital stay and other related expenses.

Health Insurance has many benefits. Rising costs have made it extremely difficult for an individual to support the family's needs without a Health Insurance policy.

The premium for a Health Insurance policy would hardly affect a person's annual expenditure. But without it, a family could face financial crisis due to unforeseen medical expenses.
How does Health Insurance work?

When a person buys a Health Insurance policy, the insurance company agrees to foot the medical bill that the insured incurs. The amount payable is limited to the total amount insured. The insured pays a stipulated premium at regular intervals. The insurance company would identify hospitals and other medical centers that come within its purview. The insured would receive financial cover for those centers.

There are two types of plans - Health Insurance and Critical Illness Plan. Health Insurance allows the insured to claim for medical expenses incurred for hospitalization due to an illness or injury. A Critical Illness Plan extends only to specific illnesses. If no claims are made against a Health Insurance policy, the sum insured automatically goes up for the remaining years.
Health Insurance through Axis Insurance
The type of Health Insurance policy that an individual requires depends on a variety of factors, like age, marital status, family background, income and the person's lifestyle. The younger you are, the less cover you require and hence, a low insured sum. Insurance companies have an age limit beyond which a person is not entitled to Health Insurance. A married person would require a policy that covers the spouse and children. If the family of the insured is genetically pre-disposed towards certain illnesses, a Critical Illness plan may be required. Making the right choice is crucial. Axis Insurance is your true guide for Health Insurance.